Monday, June 10, 2013

Counting my Blessings...

Hello world... 
How are you all doing today?

Well, it's been a while right?
Yep.. this lady has been busy.

But I'm here now and I'm about to give you a piece of what has been going on.

I am still going for physical therapy at Project walk - although I took a two weeks break because I traveled for my friends wedding in ATL. It was fun and it was a beautiful wedding. Love is a beautiful thing and I am totally looking forward to my own big day.
The mini vacation was also much needed. Some times a change of environment is very much needed.

Here's a picture of me from my friends wedding.

Next up, My therapy fund is still going and I thank everyone that has donated so far. God bless you.
As I stated, I am still going for physical therapy, and constantly asking my therapist to take pictures of me during therapy became uhmmm, what's the word - a bit unserious like. lol.. Sooo, unless my little brother or a friend/family follows me to therapy, I hardly ever get any "during work out" pictures. I feel I have gotten stronger and I won't shy off asking them for a picture or video when something EXTREMELY cool happens. Y'all know I love pictures!

I also have been a bit mehhh - this was before my vacation - about a lot of things.
Mehhh in the sense that I just want MORE for myself and life in general and it almost felt like those things I wanted weren't happening. But as I got thinking, and sort of praying I realized I was being a bit dramatic. God has actually been amazing in my life.
Surely there are some goals I set for myself that I haven't actually accomplished yet, but in the general look of things, those things are obviously not necessary for my survival and happiness. I am living, not lacking or wanting, and don't have any cause to sorrow in any part of my life or family member's life.

My moment of thought brought about this status I posted on my facebook page some minutes ago. Here it is.

Thankful to God for his blessings. He has actually always been on MY side. Though I keep asking for MORE, MORE, MORE (like that little girl in that AT&T commercial), God has always given me exactly what I needed when I needed it (Scary how true this is now that I think about it). I have never actually been stranded and he has always provided. Many times than I can count he has used my talents, personality, other people, and even that which I consider as a misfortune to set me in places that I couldn't have otherwise dreamed of being - Proverbs 18:16. 
Father I'm sorry for every time I never thanked you for your blessings. I'm taking a moment to count my blessings right now, and I also thank you for the things you've blessed me with that I don't even see or realize.
Oh and in my true human nature of always wanting more of your blessings, Baba, You know how I be, no need to so I must say now that I am certainly looking forward to all that you have in store for me. :-)

And that, my friends is how I want to end this post.
I choose to count my blessings today and I'm glad I can see God's hands in my life.

I urge you - yes you - to count your blessings today. You'll be surprised how blessed you are.

Oh and here's another picture from my time in Atlanta. :-D

I have blogged about these looks on my beauty blog - so make sure you're following that blog if you want details on what I'm wearing or to stay updated on my beauty/fashion steezeee. 

Also... Hmmm, should I mention this? 
Ok I will, you can follow me on instagram for up to date pictures. I'm not hiding anything on there, but remember when you follow me that you CHOSE to follow me ooo. Lol.. Don't preach or lament on how many pictures I post. lol.. 
My username: @thediylady. 

Therapy Fund Raising: CLICK HERE

And that's it for now. 
Till later, God Bless. 

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