Monday, October 24, 2011

Praise is What I do.

Me singing in my church choir.
During our 5th Year anniversary on Oct. 16/2011 
I love praising and worshiping God. I am not ashamed to say there are times when I don't feel like praying, or when I don't even know what to pray about. But in those times, I can always bank on praising, worshiping and just singing at the top of my lungs to declare how glorious God is.
Oftentimes, when I don't feel like singing, I go on Youtube and listen to worship songs (I have a playlist), and before I know what's going on, I'm singing, worshiping, and praising the King of Kings.

I have way too many favorites when it comes to songs, but there are two songs that kind of sums up my post today - and they are Don Moen's song titled "I will Sing" and William Murphy's "Praise is what I do". 

Learn to worship and praise God in spirit and it truth. It's a different realm and it's beautiful. God inhabits the Praise of his people (Psalm 22:3), so use your voice to declare his majesty. He doesn't care how you sound, he just wants your praise.
Here are both songs with lyrics. 



P.S: Feel free to share some of your favorite worship songs with me in the comment. I am always happy to learn new songs. Share with me y'all.. :-)