Monday, October 10, 2011

First Blog!!!

Hello all,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I am new in the blog-world, or should I say Blogosphere? Ok, I don't really know Blog-Slangs, so forgive me. I'll get the hang of this soon. 

Most of you on this blog right now probably know me personally, heard about me, or came on here as a result of reading my story on BellaNaija. 
In case you've not read my story, well here's your chance to go on BellaNaija, read it to learn a little bit about me. :-) 

Anyway, in case it's not clear yet, my name is Elizabeth Oke and I finally decided to start blogging! 

In this blog, I will be sharing a whole bunch of things ranging from stories of my life after the tragic car accident, my message on disability awareness in Nigeria, words of encouragement/motivational posts, random musings... in fact, let me just say, posts on this blog shall be about WHATEVER COMES TO MY MIND. 

Bookmark this page, follow me, write the address down, do whatever it takes not to forget this blog's address (lol) and stay tuned for more posts from me. 
God bless you all, and have a wonderful day. :-)

Some Pictures of myself: