Friday, July 12, 2013

Physical Therapy Update...

Hello Y'all...

Hope you are doing wonderful today?
Hmm, does anyone even read this? Lol... jk.. I know people read because I see the stats, but lots don't comment.
That won't stop me from updating you guys though, so here we go.

As the topic states, this post is an update on my physical therapy.
See, ever since I involved you all in this via my fund raiser, I strive to update you because you deserve it for helping me out with your money and kindness by sharing my fund raiser page.

Well, today's update is just to say it's been over 3 months since I started therapy, and the journey has been wonderful.
There have been daily success and things that look Minor but are a HUGE deal to me and my therapists.
The improvements I see as a result of these months of physical therapy makes my faith stronger in God because I have seen my body do things it hadn't done in a LONG LONG TIME. I have been able to initiate movements in my legs, on my own, and do other things that I wasn't able to do before physical therapy. I am also now stronger than I was before I started therapy.
I generally try to share as much as I can with you all (especially via instagram), but the changes I feel from physical therapy are so immense that I don't fully know how to explain it.

Let me say now that You all will be amongst the first to know when I'm walking again, and I will CLEARLY state it that I'm walking!
I say this because when I tell people I have seen some improvements via Physical therapy, they sort of "wonder/assume" why I'm still on the wheelchair. LOL..
Physical therapy is a process. I chose to go through it coupled with my faith in God and the knowledge that he he ABLE to do all things in anyway he chooses.

I am very grateful to everyone who has in some way donated to my physical therapy funds. God Bless you all so very very much.

Next, I have to let you all know that I will be taking a forced break from physical therapy due to insufficient funds.
I have exhausted all funds (both donated and personal) towards physical therapy and I can no longer go for therapy because uhmm, they won't let me come to them for free. Lol..

I am trying to device other fund raising methods in the meanwhile and I will do my very best to continue physical exercise at my local gym, so that I don't lose all that I have gained in these few months.

If you have any ideas on how I can raise more funds, please email me at
Those of you who know me in person should also please let me know if there's anyway we can do something together around here (Dallas), to help me raise more funds. I'm open to suggestions y'all.

For those  still interested in Donating Online, the fund raiser page is still up and running.  CLICK HERE.
Please NOTE, the amount you see on there has been used towards physical therapy and there's actually only $250 left out of the $2383 the website is displaying.
This will also be written on the Fund raiser page so that people KNOW that the amount isn't actually what I have. The Good thing about that website is that they let one use whatever funds has been donated even before the goal is reached - and that's how I've lasted this long at Project Walk Dallas.

I was contemplating posting my invoices so that you all see that your money was in fact spent on physical therapy, but I was told It's not that serious, especially since I kept showing pictures while I was at project walk. Lol..
Well, I hope that statement is true ooo, cos I don't want wahala. Hahahaha.

Alrighty y'all, That's it for now.
Please continue to keep me in your prayers, and again, THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED IN EVERY WAY THEY CAN! *BIG HUG*

Project Walk Fund Raising Page

Oh before I forget, Project walk actually had a One Year anniversary dinner thingy, and it was lovely.
Below are some pictures from the dinner.

First up, Two Pictures I took with two of my physical therapists. (They had a photo station at  the dinner and pictures we took were printed immediately).

And Here's what I wore to the Anniversary dinner.
I Blogged about this look/outfit on my Beauty Blog. I also talked about wearing high heels on the wheelchair. :-)
P.S: Times like this I wonder why I have two blogs. Lol.. I think I need to merge them soon, that way everything is connected. Oh well... Random thoughts.

I Know I have lots of P.S in this post already, but one more..
P.S: In case you didn't notice when I said it, personal funds have also been exhausted (not just donated funds), and I want to use this moment to thank my parents for their continued support - especially just by letting me be who I am and being supportive through everything without ever making me feel less than a FULL human being.
Since I am taking a forced break from physical therapy, I uhmm shall also be seeking what is known as as Day In, Day Out JOB - so pray for me y'all. :-D

That's it for now.. finally.
Till Later, God Bless.