Monday, October 10, 2011

First Blog!!!

Hello all,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I am new in the blog-world, or should I say Blogosphere? Ok, I don't really know Blog-Slangs, so forgive me. I'll get the hang of this soon. 

Most of you on this blog right now probably know me personally, heard about me, or came on here as a result of reading my story on BellaNaija. 
In case you've not read my story, well here's your chance to go on BellaNaija, read it to learn a little bit about me. :-) 

Anyway, in case it's not clear yet, my name is Elizabeth Oke and I finally decided to start blogging! 

In this blog, I will be sharing a whole bunch of things ranging from stories of my life after the tragic car accident, my message on disability awareness in Nigeria, words of encouragement/motivational posts, random musings... in fact, let me just say, posts on this blog shall be about WHATEVER COMES TO MY MIND. 

Bookmark this page, follow me, write the address down, do whatever it takes not to forget this blog's address (lol) and stay tuned for more posts from me. 
God bless you all, and have a wonderful day. :-)

Some Pictures of myself: 


  1. welcome to blogville young lady. blogging can and actually is a form of therapy. as i said i'll check up on u on ur blog from time to time. although my blogs(this is just one of them) av been idle lately i'll endeavour to come read and comment whenever i come on blogspot.

    PS: its must_a_far from NL.

  2. You are one beautiful lady. inside and out. And you don't know how much of an inspiration you are to many...myself included.

  3. Thanks must_a_far from NL.. God bless you for coming by and for the welcome. So it's "Blogville" uhn? Lol... Alright, I'm learning... Hope to have more posts in the near future.

    @ Anonymous 11:08pm, thanks for your kind words. I am glad God made me an inspiration. It's his doing. I hope to continue to spread my message of hope. :-)

  4. Elizabeth,
    stay encouraged

  5. I read your story on bella naija and decided to visit the link you posted for your blog. i know people left u soo many comments so decided to leave mine here. you are truly an inspiration. we take so many things of granted in this life and care about the unnecessary things. i thank you for sharing ur story because it reminds me to thank God and cherish the people that love me. you are extremely brave and i believe God has something great planned for you. you are very blessed to have such an incredible support system from family and friends. I believe, u will walk again, by God's grace, INSHAAALLAH. Stay blessed.

  6. Elizabeth, you are beautiful. And I thank God for your life. Welcome to Blogville - that's the slang for the Nigerian blog family.

  7. Hello there. Keeping you in prayers always. This is Loma of NL-2005 set

  8. Yemisi, Thank yu so much. With God, my encouragement is sure.

    Anonymous 4:29, Thanks a bunch for your words. I thank God once again for making me an inspiration. And I'm glad my story has reminded you count your blessings. I really do have great support system, and I appreciate them so much. I believe with you, and I know with God, all things are possible.

    Vera Ezimora, Thanks, and okie doks.. I hope I enjoy Blogville. :-)

    Idrisbello, I sure do remember you Loma. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  9. I am happy for you. It is better to go through fire with God than to walk alone in the field without Him. Jesus is good no matter what. He has your future in His hand. He has promised that He will never leave you nor forsake you. He is your joy.

  10. hey Liz, found you via Bella naija, and truly u are an inspiration.

  11. I am in total awe of you, Liz. After reading your post on Bella naija, I took some time to call, message family/friends to tell them how i genuinely care about them. I suddenly let go of some built bitterness, guilt and regret. I feel totally whole now. All thanks to you. Ride on sis. You are God-sent.

  12. thanks for your comment lizzy! welcome to blogville *picked dat up from a comment above*

  13. Lol @ Yetty. So funny... Thanks for the welcome. And thanks again for posting about me on your blog.

    Dianah, Thanks. God Bless you... Annoymous 12:14pm, Indeed it's better to walk with God. He is a faithful God, and our help in time of need.

    Anonymous oct 19, 8:54am, Thanks for taking time out to come to my blog after reading on BN. I am glad you took out time to tell your loved ones you truly love them.

    I will be posting something new soon y'all. :-)

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