Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project Walk Update: Video and More...

Hello All, 
Lizzy here again. 
Today I have a video from some of my Physical therapy session at project Walk Dallas
For my first Fund Raiser, I expressed how I'd love to go to project Walk for intense therapy on my goal to walk again, and thanks to God and to you all, my initial goal was met, and I embarked on the journey. As I type this, it's been about 2 months since I went back to Project Walk and it has been an amazing journey. 
I tried to keep you all updated via my blog and I hope I did a decent job at that. Lol. I also updated via my facebook page and Instagram. 
Without further ado, I must say Project walk is certainly all about getting each and every person that comes to them BACK ON THEIR FEET. The Intense therapy and continuous  motivation I get by my physical  therapist over there is beyond me and I just love the fact that I have ALSO SEEN SOME IMPROVEMENTS in this short period of time! God has been good to me...
BUT... there is still a but... More money is needed to keep me at project walk. 
For my first  Fund Raiser, I really didn't know what to expect, and I was very afraid to ask for what I considered to be A LOT of money, so I limited the amount to $5000, which was only enough for 2 months of therapy at project walk. 3 times a week for two hours each day. 

I really really really need your help if you can read this post. No amount donated  is too small, and I would appreciate it if you can share my fund raising page and youtube video with your friends and loved ones. 

Here's the Video for your viewing pleasure:

I would like to Increase the days I go to Project Walk to 4 times a week for 2 hours every day if I can. I have chosen to dedicate this time in my life to this GOAL of walking again. I have lived what they call an Optimum life on the wheelchair and I have set aside physical therapy and everything to get my degree. I could go ahead to get a job and continue living life as I know it, but I refuse to settle for less, especially since this is one thing I haven't actually tried before. 

I will be ALL over the place posting my Fund raising link and Youtube Video trying to get the word out there to raise enough money for staying at project walk for Physical therapy for as long as I need. I pray to God that it won't be much long, and I assure you that whatever amount I have left at my disposal should I begin to walk before all the money you donate is used up, I'll donate that money to a CHARITY. Seriously!! :-)
After tasting and seeing, and feeling for myself that project Walk is indeed a blessing, I am not settling for less. I have Faith in God and know that he can use any means to perform the good he has  in store for those who love him, and all I can do is My Part and let him do the rest.

You can click the picture above, or CLICK HERE to go to the new fund Raising Page and please help me share.
Also, feel free to us the DONATE NOW picture on your blogs to help me spread the word. Just make sure the picture is linking back to the Fund raising page. :-)

I'll continue to update you all via my blogyoutube, instagram and wherever else I can all over the internet. Lol..
God Bless you all, Thank you. 


  1. You owe me a DANCE ... no matter how long it takes ... God will see you through babes ...

    Engineer Bolex

    1. Awwww.. Don't make me get all emotional here dude. *sniffs*.. *blushing*.
      AMEN dear, AMEN AMEN!! Soon by his grace! :-)

    2. Lizzy, I follow you on Instagram but today was the very first time i got to know about you and read your inspiring and courageous story. YOU brought tears to my eyes dear one. Your dexterity and determination reflects through your writings and I'm sure you are convinced beyond every doubt that your miracle is so near. I am awake at 2:13am (Nigerian time) on the first day of July and truly dear, your encouraging words just lighted up my Morning. Thank you. I love You dear and God loves You so much more. Its so evident the way He is using your story for his Glory and i believe this Story will indeed become sweeter for you in Jesus name. AMEN. I hope i find your email so i could contact you directly on how I could help in my own little way. GOD BLESS YOU GREAT ONE :-)


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